Qualified Professionals

Dedicated to meeting your every cooling need

NB Refrigeration are first and foremost a team of dedicated professionals who will always do their utmost to meet your cooling needs.

Regardless of who you may be or what industry you are in, we provide you with the cost-effective reliability you need to function as a business.

You can always count on NB Refrigeration for:

Technical Expertise

Over the years, we have set an exceedingly high standard for both installation and repair that few others in our field have been able to match.

This is due to hard-earned expertise and experience that we’ve gained and refined through working with a diverse range of commercial and industrial clients.

We have the skills, knowledge and tools to provide the consistent cooling and peace of mind that you need to run your business. There’s no challenge too complex or client too large for us.

Cool Under Pressure

One of the true benefits of our extensive training and refined experience is our capacity to stay cool under pressure.

There is no job or challenge too complex for our team of refrigeration specialists, all of whom are eager to meet your needs without fail and with a smile.

We will not back away from a job because we feel it is too hard or too big – we see such jobs as a chance to prove ourselves once again. This is why we have gone so far as to have dedicated customisation services for those whose needs go well beyond the standard options and installations.

You can trust us to rise to any challenge presented by your specific needs.

Quality Assurance

For both our installation and maintenance services, we have made the effort to ensure that everything we do is backed by an added degree of quality assurance.

No piece is put in place or altered without checking its suitability for the task and all work is carefully rechecked and reported to you when the job is done.

We believe that our work speaks for itself and it’s with this quality-centric approach that we ensure that it does time and time again.

Secure your essential stocks with professional cooling solutions from NB Refrigeration. Call (07) 4633 7244 today to discuss your cooling needs.