Custom Built Projects

Cold storage tailored to your needs

When your needs cannot be met by standard systems, the team at NB Refrigeration can create you a custom cooling solution designed from the ground up to specifically meet the demands of your situation.

This is the ideal option for those whose business needs exceed what is usually available, or for those living or working on a rural property looking for a customised cooling and refrigeration solution.

If you have the need and the budget, there is no limit to what we can achieve for you.

Our Process

Our tried and tested process yields efficient results for each and every business we work with.

Step 1: Interview

Over the course of a friendly and frank interview, we will discuss your needs, the measurements and our range all of which will inform the design and quotation processes.

When done, your initial written estimate will be promptly supplied to you for your approval.

Step 2: Fabrication

With the approved design on hand, the materials for your project are brought together for fabrication.

The length of time this will take will depend greatly on the scale and complexity of your project, but we at all times aim to deliver perfect results as rapidly as is professionally possible.

Step 3: Installation

At this stage, your system, whatever it may be, is carefully installed and tested prior to handing the finished product over to you.

We will help you understand both the standard operation and basic care of the system, as well as providing an outline of an ideal maintenance schedule.

When the standard options aren’t enough for your needs, give NB Refrigeration a call (07) 4633 7244 to discuss your cooling needs.